Purchasing a home is not a simple task. There are a number of decisions to be made, and many steps to progress. I will help you through every one of these decisions and steps to find the right home for you. My main goal is to make sure that your home buying experience is pleasant, efficient, and ultimately successful.

The main decision to be made is when you are ready to purchase a home. The next step is to determine the budget, this will help in determining the location and size of the home. Another question to ask is what type of mortgage and how to obtain it.

I will be by your side each step of the way to simplifying your experience and make your life easier, less time consuming, and less expensive in determining what is the ideal house you are looking for. I will aid in locating the properties you are looking for and assess the property of its market value, and help you through the many details of preparing for an offer. When it comes to the actual purchase process, I will use my experience and my interpersonal skills to negotiate a price that will ultimately save you more money than if you had gone through yourself.

Step 1: To Buy or Not to Buy

The first decision to me made is why buy a property:
To invest; To finally have your own house and stop paying rent; To upgrade to a bigger home to raise a family; To downgrade after the kids move out; To have a place to start a business; To have a vacation home; To have a place for visitors to stay.

Step 2: Budget

Next, to determine the budget with which to work with to purchase your ideal home. This will help you narrow down what you can realistically afford and can help me advise you on what type of housing and the neighborhoods that you should target.

Step 3: Location

Now, it will be easier to zero in on a specific area (city/neighborhood) or particular school zone; I can aid you in searching for community services such as transportation, library, shopping, or entertainment). Ask yourself how you would commute to work.

Step 4: Home characteristics

Once we have determined the location together, we can look for specific attributes;
How big the house is, how many levels, how big is the yard, how old/condition, what amenities, prospective future market conditions.
Many of which are determined the time period that you expect to reside

Step 5: Financing

Your next step in the buying process is to get pre-qualified for a mortgage. This can be done over the phone or even online in a matter of minutes. I can refer you to a mortgage professional that has an excellent reputation and track record for successfully acquiring loan approval for his/her clients.

Step 6: Making an Offer

Once you have chosen your dream home, my research in determining current market prices, my interpersonal skills, and my wealth of experience as a Buyer’s agent will aid in setting an offer that would ultimately lead to an agreement that would almost always save the Buyer more than they would have without agent representation.

Step 7: After the Purchase

I hope that after this process you would be completely satisfied, leading to what I hope to continued relationship that will last into the future. I believe our relationship does not end once the contracts are signed and deal completed, but it should lead to a long lasting friendship.